Looking to have your solar installation verified by a professional/impartial third party?

We can help.

Bur Oak Resources offers you full commissioning and system activation services. As well as voltage/polarity test, curve tracing and Meger testing we can provide you with a host of professional services tried and true.

Understanding and paying attention to PV Commissioning is a very important part of our industry. Safety, quality and performance is our top priority.

Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems. The process ensures that systems are safe and high performing. It encourages integrators to be responsible for their installations and facilitates project closeout and prompt payment. Successful commissioning leads to satisfied installers, employers and system owners. Satisfied customers become repeat customers and lead to new clients. Seen in this light, commissioning is essential to the growth of the PV industry and to the overarching goal of installing more renewable energy systems.

It protects against fires, shocks and injury. It keeps customers happy and minimizes callbacks. It ensures that a lot of silicon, aluminum, glass, steel, copper, dollars and effort are not wasted on nonperforming or underperforming systems. Commissioning guards against a lack of public confidence in PV and renewable energy technologies.